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#4 | Marisa Purcell

18 Aug

Marisa Purcell@TIGHT
what an amazing picture, thanks Marisa! :) more photos from the opening coming soon.


#2 | Rob Yee

21 Jul

Our second show at TIGHT was a great success, despite the nasty weather it was a full house. Rob‘s work is strong and his imagery suited the space well. If you didn’t make it to the opening you can still see the show, the space is open 10-6 every day until the 7th of August.

Opening at TIGHT no.2

#2 preview | Rob Yee

11 Jul

Rob’s work is going to be the second show at Tight Projects and we think it’s going to be goooood!

See you on Tuesday 20th July for the opening. If you really can’t make it then, the show will be up until the 7th of August.

Check out Rob’s blog.

Rob Yee | friend

#1 | Maria Gorton | Douglas McCloskey | Marisa Purcell | Justin Ridler | Teo Treloar

1 Jul